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You will soon Be able to ignore that spammy Whatsapp Calls

You will soon Be able to ignore that spammy Whatsapp Calls

Spam is not just for regular calls but has found its way to the widely used platform, WhatsApp. To prevent this, WhatsApp plans to help you avoid the spam calls that you may often receive with the help of a new feature that will be introduced soon. Here’s what it’s all about.

Whatsapp Tasting a Feature to avoid Spam Calls

A recent report by WABetaInfo has revealed a new feature that is being tested as part of the WhatsApp for Android beta. Along with this, there will be a new ‘Silence Unknown Callers’ option so that you don’t have to face unnecessary and repeated calls from unknown persons which can be more than spam.

Once live, it will be located under Settings and all you have to do is enable the toggle to start working its magic. However, you will see missed calls in the call list and notifications so you can keep track of the calls you are receiving. You can see the screenshot of this feature below.

You will soon Be able to ignore that spammy Whatsapp Calls

For those who don’t know, there is already the ability to report and block contacts who may be sending spam or abusive messages on WhatsApp.

This feature is in addition to the latest WhatsApp experience – Newsletters. This option would help businesses and creators spread important information to many people at once, similar to Instagram’s broadcast channels, but it would raise security concerns about how people’s connections could be exposed to many unknown people. will This can improve the probability of spam, which is the reason another component being tried can prove to be useful.


But, it’s still in development and there’s no word on when it will be available to users, including those on iOS. We’ll keep you posted on this, so stay tuned. Also, do you think this feature will help you avoid spam on WhatsApp? Let us know you through in the comments.

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