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Top 5 Best RPG Games for PC

Top 5 Best RPG Games for PC. RPG Games announced for 2015. In this genre, major titles are released every year, and they often shade the small efforts of the Indi. This is why we have decided to compile this list of the best RPG Games (released) released in 2015 and will offer all kinds of RPG titles instead of focusing on popular sports.

Here you will find games that only Windows work on the latest projects as well as Linux and the old school RPG. Games have been arranged according to the release date, with unmanned sports at the end of the list. We have also provided links to online stores where you can buy games.

Fallout 4

What’s this? A post-apocalyptic, retro-photographic action RPG.

A surprise to many. For a while, it looked like The Witcher 3 was going to be the only big-budget RPG for PC, as of 2015. But not only was the F4 announced this year, but it’s also coming out.

The new setting is Boston (and other parts of New England), and although the timeline begins with the bombing, most of the game is set in the same period as Fallout 3. Geographical people, there is a new approach to dialogue – the main character will be fully voiced.

Where to buy: Pre-order on Steam
Announced for: Windows

Banner Saga 2

What’s this? Tactical RPG / Choose Your Own Progress (and end it horribly

Why you should try it: The first episode was a beautifully crafted tactical RPG mixed with Oregon Trail-like elements, taking its take on the Norse myth of the end of the world (Ragnarok). And what did the developers announce for the second installment? A deep game. There will be new types of enemies, and you’ll have the ability to assign two classes to your characters.

Last but not least: the decisions you made in the previous version will affect your new game from the start. be happy

Where to buy: Not available yet.
Announced for: Windows, Mac OS X

Darkest Dungeon

What’s this? Side-scrolling roguelike RPG.

Why you should try it: Get into the madness one turn at a time! Combining gothic-inspired visuals, turn-based tactical squad combat, and a somewhat novel twist on the surface, the darkest dungeon most of us have been waiting for.

Your group of four heroes must battle monsters and disease in dark dungeons, but perhaps the worst – and most interesting – the enemy of all are their inner demons. In short, the stress your characters experience during the game will affect their performance. Just like real life, huh?

Where to buy:: Steam (Early Access)
Announced: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows

Signs of a Hero: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter

What’s this? A modern JRPG is reminiscent of the classics of the genre.

Why you should try it: Chapter One ranks among the most popular JRPGs of its kind in the West. It’s understandable: it’s a modern take on a classic formula, sporting a contemporary anime look, and none of the pain of the 16-bit era. The sequel(s) are long overdue due to translation issues, but fans have been promised a release by the end of the year. They can expect a detailed story with interesting aspects and twelve playable characters.

Playing as a girl in search of her lost love interest, she will encounter various enemies, face them in turn-based combat, and collect powerful items to increase her stats.

Where to buy: available yet.
Announced for: Windows


What’s this? Unofficial Fallout successor.

Why you should try it: While there have been plenty of games that have claimed to closely follow the formula of the original Fallout games, none has a better claim to fame than Underreal. I have been claimed to be better than Underil in a while. The turn-based combat allows for different battle styles, and your character’s skills and abilities can be adjusted as you progress through the game.

Of course, Underrail added its own twist: the environment is a giant metro, there is psionics, and crafting is an important element. But it feels like Fallout, and for some of us, it’s very interesting.

Where to buy: Steam  (Early Access)
Announced for: Windows

Have you tried any of these games? Of course, they’re not the only RPGs from 2015, so if you know of other great titles, drop us a line in the comments. And while you’re at it, you might as well tell us about your favorite RPG.

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